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Our instructors have spent many years devoted to their training, studying the Martial Arts, and transforming and empowering lives, and have attained a level of expertise to qualify them not only as instructors and educators but also as mentors.

Each of our instructors go through on-going training and instruction in the martial arts, new and innovative teaching techniques and are all CPR and first aid certified so that they can be complete not lacking anything when it comes to providing elite training in the martial arts, character development and safety.

Vernard Williams, Jr.
Chief Instructor

Sensei Vernard Williams, Jr. is chief martial arts instructor at Snap Kick Martial Arts. He has been training in the martial arts for more than 25 years and holds a fifth degree black belt in Karate, a first degree black belt in Jujitsu and is also ranked in Judo, a certified Krav Maga instructor and has been instructing and coaching children and adults for more than 10 years. In 2011 Sensei Williams was inducted into the American Martial Arts Alliance "Hall of Fame" and the same year won the "Karate Instructor of The Year" award.

"Our concern is not only that our students achieve success in the martial arts but also in life!” said Sensei Williams, Our instructors understand that not all students will learn and grow at the same pace and for this reason each student is taught as an individual. Each instructor strives to not only assist in the development of the students’ character but also strives to perfect their own. Our entire staff understands that they are role models both inside and outside of the school."

Sensei Williams established and incorporated Snap Kick Martial Arts in 2015, in a quest to raise awareness of the martial arts and promote the importance of overall good physical fitness and character development. As a member of the Snap Kick Martial Arts family and its tradition of excellence, Sensei Williams has been and will continue to be victorious in assisting students in becoming triumphant not only in the martial arts but also to becoming champions in life.

Sensei Williams is ranked with the American Freestyle Karate Association, American Martial Arts Alliance, American Martial Arts Association, the International Shotokan Karate Federation, and the United States Judo Association. He is the founder of the Martial Arts Leadership Association, a member of the International Leadership Association, the Martial Arts industry Association and Martial Arts University International. By combining a teaching style of intense physical training, individual focus and character development he has been able to assist hundreds of students (children and adult) and athletes (professional and semi-professional) in reaching their goals.
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